Energy Meters
using clamp on sensors for flow and temperature

Water in Oil Monitor

Energy Meters using clamp on sensors for flow and temperature

Flow Meter

The following meter data is computed

  • Volumetric flow rate
  • Heat flow rate
  • Flow velocities
  • Total flow volumetric or heat quantity (BTU KW/HR)
  • Inlet and Outlet Temperatures either using clamp on thermal sensors or existing inline temperature sensors
  • Temperature difference T1-T2
The Portalok 7SZ portable  flow meter and the Sonalok 7SZ fixed meter has been designed to calculate energy flow in British Thermal Units (BTU) and Kilowatt Hours when supplied with energy option functions/math calculator. Engineers working with heat exchangers and chiller systems can benefit greatly by the fact that the guesswork can be taken out of the equation.

If you need to rent or purchase an Energy Meter you can contact EESIFLO by phone to have one of our sales engineers configure an energy computing flow device for your facility. Hiring an EESIFLO ultrasonic flow meter enables you to see the quality and performance of our flow energy systems so that the design making process on vendors is simplified.

Energy Meters using clamp on sensors for flow and temperature

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Ultrasonic Flow Meter
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Sales Engineers for Heat Quantity Measurement - Mark Hill/ Ron Alphin

Heat Meter in Battery operated Portable or  Mains supplied power wall Mounted Versions.

EESIFLO BTU meters can operate with the precision temperature sensors of your choice or optional clamp on temperature sensors supplied with the flow meter system.  The built in math calculator will take flow readings and temperature readings to conveniently display BTU consumption.

The system can also totalize the heat flow and report energy consumption by using our windows interface. Simply plugging in a USB cable into the meter and downloading the saved data will enable operators to view their findings in other formats.

We work with energy consultants and supply either standard inputs/outputs or a choice of communication options e.g. modbus

The EESIFLO BTU energy systems are excellent additions to projects dealing with facility management, heat consumers, chiller systems and condensate heating as well as water circuits.