EOG is part of the EES Group of Companies which design, manufacture, install and service unique products that determine oil cut. Oil Production, and Pipeline Companies around the world depend on accurate measurement and monitoring systems which will determine the value of crude oil online.

EOG is a an ISO 9001 /18001 registered company who has an impressive track record over many years in the area of providing both stand alone products and complete systems on a worldwide basis. We have our own factory, engineering team and fabrication facilities where we put together complete systems that can take automatic samples of crude oil, measure the oil cut, the flow rate, the density and more.

Each system can be designed to meet not only client requirements but also international standards. You are welcome to visit our factory if you are unfamiliar with our track record and activities. We will more than please to discuss you monitoring needs in the area of our concern which is crude oil quality.


There are many reasons why we might be the perfect company  to meet your oil cut measurement requirements.  Some of the reasons have to do with the fact that  although we manufacture stand alone oil monitoring systems it is also possible for us to engineer systems that give additional value when it comes to determination of Base Sediment and Water.

It is a well known that API and ISO standards encourage the need for homogeneous sampling of fluid from within a pipe and one of the ways in which this can be accomplished successfully is through making it a practice to mix crude oil and water so that when a sample is taken automatically it can produce more credible results since there will be less chance of error due to “missing” the bottom water. Bottom is a massive problem when it comes to determining the value of a hydrocarbon and eliminating this problem can bring far more meaningful results.

Watercut Meter



We can design and build systems that are ready to do the job of correlating online crude oil /water ratios that also give operators an easy way of verifying the integrity of the data. If it is difficult and time consuming to find a laboratory to do the oil centrifuge tests then we can provide our clients with systems that have an option of  performing this work in situ. There are so many advantages in using this method and many of our clients have been able to vastly improve verifying data integrity as well as calibration and accountability.

Our Group has been serving the Oil and Gas Industry for over 20 years. If you have Offshore Oil Rig PED/European requirements then please be sure to contact us in the UK

You can also use the following form in you are located in other time zones. We will have one of our representative offices come back to you promptly.


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