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Agricultural engineering is a field that applies engineering principles to solve problems related to agriculture and rural development. It involves designing, developing, and implementing technologies and systems to improve farming practices, enhance crop production, and ensure sustainable use of resources.

One of the primary focuses of agricultural engineering is the design and development of machinery and equipment used in agriculture. This includes tractors, harvesters, irrigation systems, and processing equipment. Engineers in this field work to optimize the efficiency, performance, and safety of these technologies to meet the diverse needs of farmers and agricultural operations.

Another key area of agricultural engineering is soil and water management. Engineers design and implement strategies to conserve soil, prevent erosion, improve irrigation efficiency, and manage water resources effectively. This is crucial for maintaining soil health, preserving water quality, and maximizing crop yields in a sustainable manner.

Agricultural engineers also play a vital role in developing technologies for sustainable agriculture and environmental protection. They work on projects such as precision agriculture, which involves using sensors and data analytics to optimize inputs like water, fertilizers, and pesticides based on real-time data and crop needs. This approach minimizes environmental impact while maximizing productivity.

Agricultural Engineering Companies in USA
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CNH is a world-class equipment and services company that sustainably advances the noble work of agriculture and construction workers. The Company provides the strategic direction, R&D capabilities, and investments that enable the success of its core Brands.

We go back a long way. All the way back to 1842, in fact. That’s over 180 years of developing pioneering equipment and services for farmers and builders, the world over. And everything we do is with those farmers and builders in mind. Striving to provide the very best machinery and technology to make their lives easier. And their businesses more efficient and profitable.

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