Work or energy conversion refers to the process of transforming one form of energy into another or performing work using energy. In this process, energy changes from one form, such as mechanical, electrical, thermal, or chemical energy, to another form or into work done on an object.

For example, when a person lifts a weight, chemical energy stored in their muscles is converted into mechanical energy to lift the weight against gravity. Similarly, in electrical circuits, electrical energy can be converted into light, heat, or mechanical motion. In essence, work or energy conversion involves the transfer or transformation of energy from one state to another to accomplish a desired task or achieve a specific outcome.

To use the calculator simply enter in the desired number into the Input box and select the energy unit and the conversion unit for the output. The energy units supported are

  • joules
  • British Thermal Units
  • Calories
  • Therms
  • Watts
  • Kilowatts and more.
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