Heat Flux Conversion Factors

Heat flux conversion factors are used to convert heat flux values from one unit to another. Heat flux represents the rate of heat transfer per unit area and is commonly measured in units such as watts per square meter (W/m²), BTU (British Thermal Unit) per hour per square foot (BTU/h·ft²), or calories per second per square centimeter (cal/s·cm²).

Here are some common conversion factors for heat flux:

1. **From Watts per square meter (W/m²) to other units:**

   – 1 W/m² = 3.412 BTU/h·ft²

   – 1 W/m² = 0.0001 cal/s·cm²

2. **From BTU per hour per square foot (BTU/h·ft²) to other units:**

   – 1 BTU/h·ft² = 0.2931 W/m²

   – 1 BTU/h·ft² = 0.003088 cal/s·cm²

3. **From calories per second per square centimeter (cal/s·cm²) to other units:**

   – 1 cal/s·cm² = 10000 W/m²

   – 1 cal/s·cm² = 3241.6 BTU/h·ft²

These conversion factors allow you to easily convert heat flux values between different units, making it convenient to work with heat transfer data in various contexts, such as thermal engineering, building insulation, and environmental studies.

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