Stress Conversion Factors

A stress converter does one main thing: it gives you stress values in whatever unit you want, no matter what unit stress was originally in. Converting stress from one unit to another is just as important as measuring it accurately. Stress is basically the internal forces between particles in a material.

Since there are lots of ways to express stress, being able to switch between them as needed is key. has a simple tool that makes converting stress units easy, making things smoother for engineers and scientists.

These include:

  •  atmospheres
  • bars
  • centimeters mercury
  • centimeters water
  • feet of water
  • hectopascals (hPa)
  • inches of water
  • inches of mercury
  • kilogram-forces/sq. centimeter
  • kilogram-forces/sq. meter
  • kilopascals (kPa)
  • kips/sq. Inch
  • meganewtons/sq. meter
  • meters of water
  • millibars
  • millimeters of mercury
  • millimeter of water
  • newtons/sq. centimeter
  • newtons/sq. meter
  • newtons/sq. millimeter
  • pascals (Pa)
  • pounds-force/sq. foot
  • pound-force/sq. inch
  • poundals/sq. foot
  • tons (UK)-force/sq. foot
  • tons (UK)-force/sq. inch
  • tons (US)-force/sq. foot
  • tons (US)-force/sq. foot
  • tonnes-force/sq. cm
  • tonnes-force/sq. meter
  • torr (mm Hg 0°C)
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