Galileo Number

Galileo Number Calculator

Galileo Number Calculator

The Galileo number, sometimes denoted as 𝐺𝑎, is another dimensionless parameter used in fluid mechanics, particularly in the study of multiphase flows such as gas-liquid flows or liquid-solid flows. It is named after the Italian physicist, mathematician, and astronomer Galileo Galilei.

Galileo number is proportional to { (Re. gravity force) / (viscous force) } and is used in momentum and heat transfer in general and viscous flow and thermal expansion calculations in particular. It is normally defined in the following form :




Gravitational acceleration










The Galileo number is primarily used in the analysis of multiphase flows to characterize the relative importance of inertial forces to gravitational forces. It helps in understanding the behavior of particles or bubbles suspended in a fluid under the influence of gravity and flow velocities. In systems where the Galileo number is high, inertial forces dominate and particles or bubbles tend to be more dispersed, while in systems where the Galileo number is low, gravitational forces dominate and particles or bubbles tend to settle or rise more readily.

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