Frequency & Wavelength unit conversion

Frequency and wavelength are related concepts in physics, particularly in the context of wave phenomena such as light, sound, and electromagnetic waves. Frequency refers to the number of oscillations or cycles of a wave that occur per unit of time, typically measured in hertz (Hz). Wavelength, on the other hand, represents the distance between consecutive peaks or troughs of a wave and is usually measured in meters (m) or other length units.

To convert between frequency and wavelength, you can use the formula:


  • Wavelength () is in meters (m)
  • Speed of Light () is approximately 3×108 meters per second (m/s)
  • Frequency () is in hertz (Hz)

And to convert between wavelength and frequency, you can rearrange the formula as:

For example:

  • To convert a frequency of 500 Hz to wavelength:
  • To convert a wavelength of 400 nm (nanometers) to frequency:
Remember to ensure consistent units when performing conversions, and be mindful of scientific notation for very large or very small values.
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