Thermal Conductivity Unit Conversion

Thermal Conductivity Unit Conversion


Access to thousands of materials and sets of data related to Temperature. Includes elastic modulus, thermal expansion, thermal conductivity, S-N fatigue curves and stress/strain curves. Thermal Data can be used as an input to programs such as  SolidWorks,

Lists materials by property such as linear expansion, thermal expansion, mean thermal expansion, thermal conductivity, diffusivity, hemispherical total emissivity, density, tensile strength,  stress/strain curve, yield strength, vapor pressure, creep strength, viscosity, absolute permeability, elastic modulus, shear modulus, poisson ratio, bulk modulus, specific heat, heat capacity , electrical resistivity, electrical conductivity, elongation, stress rupture, fatigue S-N and e-N curves, magnetic B-H ad H-B curves and relative permeability


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The unit converter and unit conversion tables are provided on an “as is” basis. We greatly appreciate your feedback on the conversions or tables or any technical information on this site, especially if you are an engineer. If you want to get in touch with Process Associates about any of the data or a particular unit converter or calculation please follow the link below