Architectural Engineering

Architectural engineering is a specialized discipline within engineering that focuses on the integration of engineering principles and technology with architecture to create functional and sustainable building designs. It involves the application of engineering knowledge in areas such as structural systems, mechanical systems (HVAC), electrical systems, lighting, acoustics, and building envelope design.

Architectural engineers collaborate closely with architects and other stakeholders to ensure that building designs are not only aesthetically pleasing but also safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly. They play a crucial role in optimizing building performance, energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality, and overall sustainability.

Key responsibilities include designing and coordinating building systems, conducting feasibility studies, evaluating building materials and construction methods, and ensuring compliance with building codes and regulations. Architectural engineering bridges the gap between architecture and engineering disciplines, aiming to create spaces that meet both artistic vision and functional requirements while prioritizing occupant comfort and environmental stewardship.

Architectural Engineering Companies in USA

At Gensler, the value of our work stems from its positive impact on the human experience. We are a dynamic and collaborative design firm uniting creativity, research, and innovation to solve complex problems for our clients.

Our work challenges conventional ideas about architecture and the built environment. We aren’t just designing buildings — we are reimagining cities and places that make a difference in people’s lives.

Founded in 1965, Gensler has built a team of 6,000 professionals who partner with clients in over 100 countries each year. Everything we do is guided by our mission: to create a better world through the power of design. We are capturing the firm’s ethos and unique culture in the 2023 One‑Firm Firm publication, our inaugural digital-first annual report.

We’ve become an interdisciplinary global design firm by expanding our team beyond architects and interior designers to include researchers, urban designers, nurses, anthropologists, graphic designers and more. At HKS, we view design as a process of discovery. Design research enables us to experiment, to improve — and to design smarter solutions. That’s particularly important as we strive to create a more resilient future.

We believe that design should build trust between our collaborators, our clients and those who inhabit the places we design. We aim to inspire and empower the people and communities who encounter our work. To preserve and respect our natural resources, we create places that conserve and rejuvenate our planet, too.

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