The following velocity or speed units are supported

  • Centimeters/minute
  • Centimeters./second
  • Feet/hour or foot per hour
  • Feet/minute or foot per minute
  • Feet/second or foot per second
  • Inches/minute
  • Inches/second
  • Kilometers/hour or Kilometers per Hour
  • Kilometers/second  or Kilometres per second
  • Knots
  • Mach number (ISA/SL)
  • Meters/hour or Meters per hour
  • Meters/minute or Meters per minute
  • Meters/second [m/s] or meters per second
  • Miles /hour or Miles per hour
  • Miles/minute or Miles per hour
  • Miles/second or Miles per second
  • Speed of Light
  • Yards/hour
  • Yards/minute
  • Yards/second
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