Delivery Calculation

This online tool might be useful to someone who is purchasing equipment and needs to know in a few seconds what the exact delivery time will be from the number of weeks stated in the offer. If you are placing a purchase order today and someone has told you it is going to take 17 weeks to deliver, you will have an idea of the actual date of delivery. If the vendor has delivered the equipment late, there is also an option to calculate the penalty in US dollars. This calculator is provided on an as is basis and designed as a tool to save a bit of time doing a manual calculation

Use the above calculator to calculate the actual promised date of the product arrival from the time of official purchase order. Enter in the actual date of arrival to calculate the late delivery (delivery latency). Enter the value of the product in USD. Enter in the % daily penalty to calculate the penalty value in USD. For example if the damages are 0.1% per day and the cost of the product is USD 10,000 and the product is 3 days late, then liquidated damages are (0.1% of USD 10,000) x 3 = 30 USD.

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