Innovative Wellhead Systems​

Pivotree’s is an innovative approach in offshore oilfield development, utilising a well conductor as a mooring foundation for a floating production and offtake vessel.

Technical aspects and safety measures implemented to achieve this innovation will show this method is not only feasible but also safe, marking a significant advancement in the Global offshore oil extraction technology. Pivotree’s benefits over traditional offshore development methods are substantial.

By minimising the need for extensive infrastructure, such as platforms and flowlines, the Pivotree system significantly reduces both capital and operational expenditures. This streamlined approach also leads to a reduced environmental footprint, a crucial factor in today’s energy sector.

The Pivotree system’s rapid deployment and lower break-even point enable agile operators to swiftly capitalise on smaller, geographically isolated reserves that were previously uneconomical. This agility is especially beneficial in adapting to fluctuating market conditions and in optimising resource utilisation.

Pivotree offers profound implications for the Global Oil & Gas market. Pivotree presents a promising avenue for countries to enhance their energy independence and economic growth by opening new possibilities for exploiting reserves that were previously considered non-viable, potentially leading to increased domestic oil production and a more diverse energy portfolio.

System Overview

  • As deployed, the Pivotree system is a revolutionary single or dual-well floating facility designed for shallow to mid-water offshore oil and gas fields. It drastically reduces development costs and deployment time, embodying our commitment  to innovation and efficiency.

In production the system consist of:

  1.  The Pivotree- a subsea mooring and production tree that simultaneously provides well access for controlled production and structural  mooring for 360-degree vessel station-keeping.
  2. The Production Facility (FPSO)- a handysize vessel providing a floating facility featuring treatment, compression, storage, and propulsion.

Technical Benefits

  • Pivotree eliminates the need for costly spread moorings or extensive FPSO hull modifications.
  • No other elements, such as platforms, moorings, flowlines, umbilicals, or manifolds are required.
  • Pivotree addresses the challenges of economically developing small or remote offshore fields beyond the reach of subsea tiebacks, transforming them into profitable projects. 
  • Pivotree provides operators with a “floating tieback”, replacing subsea pipelines and their inherent challenges such as high installation cost, environmental impact and onerous regulatory approvals.

Customer Benefits

  • Reduced CAPEX and OPEX: eliminates the need for an installation phase. Single standalone facility. Uses associated gas as a fuel source.
  • Reduced risk: targeting known accumulations minimises exploration risk. No risk from late, incomplete, or imperfect installation activities.
  • Fast track to First Oil: halves the time to production compared to traditional mid-water approaches such as fixed jackets and spread-moored facilities.
  • Reusable: agile operators can reuse the Pivotree and floating Productions Facility on multiple fields, creating a highly profitable and lucrative business through sequential developments.
  • Low-Impact Design: very small evironmental footprint. Decommissioning is limited to plugging and abandoning the well. 

About Us

  • Pivotree revolutionises offshore energy development, making previously uneconomical resources both profitable and sustainable.
  • Pivotree makes this possible by reducing capital and operational expenditure, accelerating time to first production, and minimising environmental footprint and decommissioning liability.
  • We are a true solution provider, supplying the Pivotree unit while partnering with our clients to define the overall system to unlock shared value.

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Unit 4, 21 Roydhouse Street Subiaco, WA, Australia 

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