Quick Conversions for Europeans who moved to the USA and vice versa

This calculator was designed to have some of the most common conversions that people need when they are dealing with metric or imperial in one page. For e.g. someone buying a house who is familiar with English units like square foot but needs to know how many equivalent square meters per square foot. An ideal calculator for someone familiar with European units of measurement who now has to deal with units commonly used in the United States and vice versa.

Simply type in the number on the left if you have the English/ Imperial unit or type in the right hand box if you have the metric unit.

Conversion Calculator
Square Miles Square Kilometers
Acres Hectares
Feet Meters
Fluid Ounces Milliliters
Gallons Liters
Inches Centimeters
Knots Kilometers per Hour
Miles Kilometers
Miles per Hour Kilometers per Hour
Ounces Grams
Pound Force Newton
Pounds Kilograms
Pounds per Square Inch Kilopascals
Quarts Liters
Square Feet Square Meters
Yards Meters

Unless you are fluent in both Metric and Imperial units i.e. you are able to imagine or easily change between distance measurements like miles and kilometer then, this calculator might come in handy when you are frequently faced with having to grasp the differences. Someone who is in a car and is familiar with kilometer distances might need to do a quick conversion if he is now using miles for distance. 

In the United States, he might be pumping up his tyres at a station using  psi units but if he has been living in Europe he might only be familiar with kilo pascals. The units are not a comprehensive conversion calculator for all metric to imperial or imperial to metric but some very common conversions have been selected for the online calculator e.g. inches to centimeters, ounces to grams, yards to meters (good for golfers), gallons to liters, acres to hectares.

This conversion calculator was carefully put together as a convenient converter for people dealing with the most common needed conversions.


The International System of Units (SI)

All the systems of weights and measures whether they are metric or imperial are now audited through international agreements which support the International System of Units. The International System is called the SI or rather “Système International d’Unités”.

In 1875 an agreement was signed  Convention du Mètre or “Treaty of the Metre” (notice Europeans commonly spell it differently from the USA who use ‘meter’) but because of such widespread usage of the term “meter” the “metre” is becoming less common even amongst Europeans. The USA is a charter member of the METRIC CLUB.

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