This page contains information on some of the most common sought after metric conversions and the symbols. These are simply the metric conversion factors for those who are only interested in knowing the factor and do your calculations instead of using the online calculators on our website.

Metric Symbols

  • km2 =  square kilometers  – unit of area
  • ha = hectare  – unit of area
  • m = meter – unit of length, distance, thickness, height
  • mL = milliliters –unit of volume
  • L = liters – unit of volume
  • cm = centimeters –unit of length
  • km = kilometers – unit of distance
  • km/h = kilometers per hour –unit of speed
  • g = grams –unit of weight or mass
  • N = newtons – unit of force
  • kg = kilograms –unit of weight
  • kPa = Kilopascals – unit of weight
  • L = liters – unit of volume
  • m2  =  square meters –unit of area


The International System of Units (SI)

All the systems of weights and measures whether they are metric or imperial are now audited through international agreements which support the International System of Units. The International System is called the SI or rather “Système International d’Unités”.

In 1875 an agreement was signed  Convention du Mètre or “Treaty of the Metre” (notice Europeans commonly spell it differently from the USA who use ‘meter’) but because of such widespread usage of the term “meter” the “metre” is becoming less common even amongst Europeans. The USA is a charter member of the METRIC CLUB.

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