Specially designed Video Cameras where no man has gone before

Probably a better title for this would be “ Where we don’t want men to go!”  Yes, there are Zone 0 battery operated cameras in use today but we are not talking about taking pictures but getting the video feed you need in areas where it was not really possible to do so, because the products did not exist.  Yes, finally someone has developed and is continually developing these special cameras for those applications where we do not want to send a man down or find it impossible to use a human. Even if we use a robot, the robot still needs to have a video feed device that is certified safe for use in an areas where gas is normally present – hence the need for the Zone Zero camera.

Zone 0 permanently installed video device is suitable for an area where an ignitable or dangerous gas is always present or even present for long periods. These special video cameras must be certified safe in any condition whether a normal or a fault condition.

Why are these video feed cameras different from Explosionproof Cameras?

Although Explosionproof Cameras or CCTV cameras are by far the most widely used products to obtain video feed or inspections in the oil and gas /petrochemical and pharm industry, they are limited in their application (Zone 1) so a special approach is needed. Elok Asia have filled the gap by producing a device which meets intrinsically safe standards (Zone 0).

Where can we get a hold of the original manufacturer version of the special video cameras for Zone 0?

These special video cameras are available through https://elok-asia.com/zone-0-zone-1-cameras/

How bright can the light emitted from the camera be?

This is something we are continually working on. The brightness will be enough to cover most applications but consider getting in touch with us for the latest updates on suitable tank dimensions if you are looking to use the device for tank inspection purposes.

What about video feed in reactors which contain explosive gases?

Yes, this is possible too . Get in touch with us to find out more!

What else can Elok Asia provide?

These products supplied by Elok Asia are just a sample of some of the unique applications that we can cover. Very often, we find that there are products needed in certain applications for hazardous areas they do not exist, so in the case of the video camera,  the only option was to  pressurize the instrument in an enclosure (Exp) . 

If you think you need a special solution for a product that could very well be developed and certified to ATEX requirements, don’t be afraid to ask!


Visit our website to find out who our partners are in USA and EUROPE elok-asia.com 


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